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An Honest, Realistic, and Individual Approach to the Baseball Recruiting Process

Success in College and Professional Baseball Recruitment and Placement

What's happening with minor league right now baseball is horrible.

Although the immediate and most severe impact with be on all the players who sacrifice so much to realize their dreams; the effects of the changes proposed by major league baseball will truly spread across a way of life in America. 


Minor league baseball has been a part of our national culture for 137 years — all the way back to 1883!  Minor league baseball has provided the foundation for the sport across the country; offering high level professional baseball in towns and to people who cannot afford to attend a major league game.


Cancelling seasons, contracts and opportunities is now the reality.
To even “propose” these drastic changes is heinous.

It is motivated entirely by profit; initiated by an industry which already generates more than $10 billion/year (Yes, that’s a “b”).  You're probably wondering what will happen to your dreams and desires to play Big League ball.  You are not alone!

Karl Avdek, Founder of GC•GP•GH, reveals what you need
to know right now in order to make appropriate decisions.

We are trying to help...


GCGPGH is offering a FREE series of brief interviews from knowledgeable baseball professionals that all provide the following:

• Straight-forward answers to timely and tough questions

• Useful lessons that will open your eyes to new opportunities

• Insightful advice that will help you navigate in uncertain times


• "All Balls, No Bull" — frankly, the most honest advice you'll find on the Internet when it comes to "going pro".

Find out what you need to know and what you don't know because what you don't know will definitely hurt you!

Here's what you need to know...


There will be fewer opportunities and obviously no room for mistakes

Knowledge is power.  Information is everything right now!!!


We've put together a FREE video series on these issues beginning with important one-on-one conversations with leading experts from all across baseball — including NCAA Compliance Director Rick Allen, MLB scout David Scrivines (also a DI coach) and ex-DI college coach Dan Gooley of Quinnipiac University, and many more!


Our mission is to serve you with information.

We have successfully mentored and placed over 60 players in college or professional baseball.


More than ever this is a time for players and families
to be "PREPARED" and INFORMED!!!



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In your first episode, you'll learn from Karl Avdek of GC-GP-GH, as he interviews 
Red Sox Scout (and D1 coach) David Scrivines on the latest issues facing minor league players. Each week you'll get access to the best information in baseball.
There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


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We want to hear from you.  Our staff of experienced coaches

are here to help you thrive in your baseball career.

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