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... is very simply about being “the best” and being able to OFFER the best instruction and guidance possible in order to improve the performance, health, and success of our clients.
... is a Japanese noun which means; “continuous improvement.”  Kaizen is the foundational principle of our programs and, like our clients; as instructors we consistently pursue improvement and excellence in constantly acquiring the best information possible and communicating it to our clients.

GC•GP•GH is unique because we are passionate in our commitment to serve the INDIVIDUAL student athlete in an affordable manner. 


We do not market through databases and social media. 
We are "hands on" and "one-on-one" with our clients.

We are unique because we are full service.  We can supply all attention, information, and service that any athlete can need; from skills training to scholastic pursuits, strength and conditioning, mental skills training, nutrition, NCAA compliance rules, and appropriate program information.


Marketing the dream of playing college baseball has become an incredibly large and lucrative industry; based on large events and teams, e.g., tournaments, showcases, camps, tryouts and use of the internet and databases.
It is an industry wherein an individual player can very easily get lost and misplaced and can make damaging and inappropriate decisions driven by emotion and misinformation rather than facts.
In all the years we have provided this service, and although we have had players drafted and achieve national and regional honors, a lot of our work has been done with second-tier players from the “island of lost toys;” players who did not necessarily stand out in high school, players who needed time and the proper information in order to develop players who needed an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time with the right stuff in order to fulfill their dreams.


We take pride and joy in having helped those student athletes achieve success.

The Youth Player

The College and Professional Player


GCGPGH works with players at all levels of play.  For youth players usually through age 14, we offer instruction. For players transitioning from high school to college and college to professional and even for the player currently performing in professional baseball we offer a variety of services and programs, all tailored to fit the very specific needs of the individual player enabling them to maximize their performance and opportunities for success.

Involvement with Charity


GCGPGH is affiliated with a nonprofit 501C3 foundation.  A portion of receipts from all work goes to charities connected to youth sports.

Available Online


GCGPGH works with athletes from a variety of locations and is available to work with individuals online through the use of videos and screen sharing platforms such as ZOOM.  At this particular moment we have professional, local, and youth clients locally, in the Midwest, California, and even India and Uganda.   
In whatever form you need us, we are there for you.

Other Sports ... 


Information and knowledge is power.  At GCGPGH our primary direction at the moment is baseball because baseball has been our history and experience.   However, we realize that that there is a huge portion of the athletic population that are making decisions in reference to college and professional sports without sufficient and proper information. 
We are here for you as well.  If you will examine our "staff" roster you will note that we have qualified professionals in a variety of disciplines including strength and conditioning, speed, nutrition, and mental and peak performance training.
The recent NCAA ruling extending eligibility in all spring sports will impact not only baseball but softball, men's and women's golf, men's and women's lacrosse, rowing, tennis, men's and women's track and field, men's and women's volleyball, and women's water polo.  We want to help.  We can help.
If we don't have a correct and specific answer for you we will do our best to direct you to someone who does.
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