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What We Do

GC•GP•GH helps our clients make correct and successful decisions; NOT mistakes!!!
At the professional level, GC-GP-GH knows that a player's individual skill level and placement in a program where opportunity exists for development and advancement.
At the collegiate level, one of the most important functions of GC-GP-GH is to keep our clients from making mistakes; mistakes often caused by emotionally driven decisions.  Choosing a correct college and appropriate athletic program is one of the single most important decisions a student athlete and his or her family will make.  Mistakes made in choosing an appropriate program and school can and WILL cost money, time, eligibility, stress, and loss of passion for the game. 

We work with individual athletes

in order to serve their very specific individual needs.

GC•GP•GH is for players and families who are passionate and absolutely committed to the fulfillment of their dreams; the player who has TO SUCCEED!

We work exclusively “hands on” and “one-on-one” with individual athletes.

We evaluate, teach, train, mentor and consult in order to find and place the athlete in the right school and athletic program or professional opportunity.  Playing a sport at the collegiate or professional level is a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience; an enormous achievement which designates a truly elite athlete and individual whose character has been shaped by work ethic, intelligence, drive, determination, and passion.

We do not work off a database

We  are not a telemarketing service.  We do not collect fees to simply send information and statistics and most importantly private contact information out to colleges in the hope of  being successful; information that is oftentimes simply turned into marketing tools for programs to solicit attendance at camps,  tryouts, showcases, and tournaments.  

We work for individual athletes and their families  

Every athlete is an individual - with situations and circumstances uniquely his or her own in terms of goals, dreams, needs, wants, finances and athletic abilities both current and projected.  We are committed to quality; not numbers.

GC•GP•GH does not hope
Success is NOT based on hope.  Success is NOT random. 
Success is the RESULT of intelligent planning and work!
GCGPGH is a mentoring and consulting service.
We work exclusively “hands on” and “one on one” with individual athletes. We evaluate, teach, train, mentor, and consult in order to find and place the individual athlete in the right school and athletic program
Playing in college or professionally is also an enormous achievement. Using baseball as an example, only 5.6 % - 7% of all the high school baseball players in America play at any level in college. 30% of players in college will quit or be asked to quit.  roughly 50% will transfer and an amazing 15% of scholarship players will quit and only 25% of college players will finish a full four years of eligibility.  10.5% of college players have the opportunity to play professionally. Either achievement designates a truly “elite” athlete.
Choosing a college and an athletic program where an individual high school athlete can succeed is an incredibly important, difficult, and emotionally charged decision. Factors such as academics, geography, finances, and social environment are paramount and are, in fact much more important than the athletic program.
The issues are simple: ability and projection; will the student athlete be given an opportunity to compete and to grow both as an athlete and a person.
A mistake made in choosing a school and program can be extremely costly in terms of finances, loss of eligibility, and most importantly; loss of passion. 
Very obviously all decisions should be tempered with intelligent objective and common sense information.
GCGPGH’s job is to provide the “truth” to clients in order to make the best decisions possible. 

Our goal, very simply, is to serve the

best interests of the athlete and his family.

We are aiming specifically at the athlete with passion, grit, determination,
and work ethic; the athlete who simply HAS to realize his dream.
Harrison White
Minor League 
 Skills Instruction
Jose Javier Cedeno
Team Doctor Trainer
Puerto Rican
National Team
We are unique because we are passionate in our commitment to serve the specific needs of the individual  athlete be they student or professional.

Marketing the dream of playing college and/or professional baseball has become an incredibly large and wealthy industry based on large events and teams, e.g., tournaments, showcases, camps, tryouts and use of the internet and databases.  It is an industry where an individual player can very easily get lost and misplaced and can make damaging and inappropriate decisions and expensive mistakes.

Throughout our work we have worked with players who did not necessarily stand out, players who needed time and the proper information in order to develop, players who needed an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time with the right stuff in order to fulfill their dreams. 
Our goal, very simply, is to serve the best interests of the athlete and his family.
We are aiming specifically at the athlete with passion, grit, determination, and work ethic; the athlete who simply has to realize his dream.

Success in baseball is no different from any other endeavor. It is often a
matter of “being in the right place at the right time with right stuff.”
There is a lack of correct information available to players. There is a lot of misleading information.  Players would fail in a variety of ways; NOT because they did not have skills, passion, drive, determination, and intelligence, but largely because of what they very simply did not know or have been misinformed.

In professional baseball the vast majority of those players will leave that
tryout, pack up, stuff their gear into the car, and drive off to yet another event without ever getting answers - answers that could/would lead ultimately to personal success.

In college baseball student athletes and their families spend thousands of
dollars on lessons, tournaments, showcases, and tryout camps, travel
expenses, motels, cheap food, and promises and do not fulfill their potential or realize their dream simply because they did not have the correct information.
That is what we do. We tell you the truth. We give you the roadmap, the gps to your personal individual success story.

We have placed over 60 players in college or professional baseball. We
have been 100% successful.

Do you want to play? We can help. We know we can help because we have
done it before.

Do you want to hear what you want to hear or do you want to hear what will help you succeed?

That is what we can do for you.

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