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Interview NCAA Compliance Director. Full interview

Karl Avdek interviews Rick Allen; NCAA Compliance Director

Rick Allen has been a compliance director for years. He now runs his own business; advising student athletes and their families on issues of eligibility, transfers and all the elements of the rules governing participation in college sports.

Participating in a college sport is an incredible achievement; the result of a lot of hard work, passion, and support from family. It is the mark of an elite athlete and student. There are rules that govern the success of these athletes. To try to swim upstream from these rules can cost eligibility, finance, and worst of all; emotion resulting in a loss of passion for the sport. Rick Allen has advised athletes and their families on these rules for years and here he provides a first overall look at the landscape; particularly in light of the recent NCAA extension of eligibility and its affect on opportunities for athletes and the need to be informed.

Length: 32:49

This is the full interview. If you do not have the time to view the whole interview it is also available in segmented parts on the website blog and the youtube channel.

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