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The D1 Fixation in College Sports (part 1)

Know what’s really amazing about Division III college baseball?

They play with a white ball and, incredible as it may seem, the ball even has red stitching on it. The fields are dirt and grass and clay. The bases are 90 feet. Pitcher’s mound sixty and a half feet from home plate. The players wear gloves and spikes and uniforms. In fact, it’s a lot like real college baseball.

As I said … it’s amazing. I was actually shocked because, judging by the way that prospective college athletes view Division III baseball, you would think that the game was played on Little League fields with whiffle balls and plastic bats.

But nope. It’s baseball all right. Real baseball. Real good baseball in fact.

Oh I know. There’s no Southern Cal or Texas or Georgia Tech. No Mississippi State or Arizona. None of those cool places and names we’re all used to hearing about.

In fact, to be honest, some of the schools have really funny names; names like Linfield, Marietta, Wheaton, Salisbury, Ramapo, Webster, Wartburg, Millsaps, Haverford, Pomona – Pitzer, Baldwin Wallace, Aurora, Rhodes, Rowan, and my two favorites; Heidelberg and Otterbein.

They sound more like imported beers than baseball power houses.

“I can’t decide between the Heidelberg lager or the Otterbein pale ale.”

I mean seriously, how can a guy go somewhere and impress somebody; (especially a good looking coed) with a line like, “Yeah, I’m a baseball player from Otterbein.”

“Oh really? the coed would probably reply. “I didn’t know they played baseball in Germany.”

Just doesn’t sound right, does it?

However … it’s true.

Not only do they play baseball but they play really good baseball. In fact, they often beat DII and even DI teams.

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