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How much does this cost?
Our services are booked at a baseline estimated rate of approximately • $100/session/hr.  
Some examples include:
Evaluation is $200 to $300 dependent upon scope of evaluation.
A thorough evaluation may last several hours and involves all aspects of athletic success; not just individual sport skill work but overall athleticism; strength, speed and agility, assessment of  appropriate workout program, mental toughness, appropriate school habits, etc.
Teaching/Training is $100/session
Sessions are comprised of strength, speed, skill work, mental skills and consulting . 
Training is by mutual decision between client and GCGPGH however in general training is 1 – 2 sessions/week with two  15 – 20 min. additional follow up sessions through phone or screen share at no extra charge.  Occasionally outside instruction (subcontractors) are employed on an as needed basis.  An easy example may be an appropriate academic tutor or advisor.
First Consultation with athlete and family                      $100
First research on colleges                                                      $375 estimated
Cost dependent upon extent of research                                                  
Second consultation/first outreach to schools               $375 estimated                                                      
Cost dependent upon extent of research  
Video if necessary                                                                         $300/skill
Third Consultation                                                                   $100
College selection
Campus Visits                                                                             $200/day  + expenses

LEARN how to be successful in the RECRUITING process

As an athlete, where are you right now?  Where do you want to be?  How do you get from "WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE?  How does an athlete and their family find a program that's right for them?  What do pro scouts really look for?  It's not enough to want success.  You have to know HOW to get there!!!

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