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GC-GP-GH’s service is to provide the best information possible in every aspect of the game in order for high school, college and professional athletes to succeed.
Success in life is a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right stuff.
That “right stuff” is knowledge and knowledge most certainly is power in the extremely competitive environment of high level college and professional sports.
 "Mistake Proof" Recruiting

The recruiting process for potential collegiate athletes and their families is extremely difficult with confusing and emotionally charged information making the “decision process” extremely difficult. 
The path to professional sports is, of course, even harder to navigate.  
The reality however of being able to participate; let alone succeed in college or professional sports is extremely harsh.  Only 5.6% of all high school base ball players will play in college.  Out of that population; of those players who actually make it onto a college roster, 33% will quit or be asked to quit, close to 50% will transfer, an astonishing 15% of players with scholarships will quit, and only 25% of the players who succeed in making a collegiate team will make it through all four years of eligibility.  
It is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity and experience; but very difficult.
Information is key.  Information is power.  Unfortunately athletes and their families often make emotional decisions  and mistakes with serious consequences relative to finances, eligibility, and perhaps most important; the passion and love for the sport which drove their pursuit.
We do not want that to happen and will do everything to prevent that with our clients.
The Consulting and Mentoring Process


The mentoring and consulting process involves appropriate stages aimed at achieving intelligent goals. Clients may commit to the whole process or parts.



Who and what are you right now?

In order to get an athlete where he or she wants to be, that athlete needs to know precisely where he/she is at right now … at the beginning of the process.

The evaluation involves assessment of the individual's current skill set in every aspect of the game:  hitting, fielding, throwing, strength, speed, overall athleticism and mental toughness.   
There is a reality to levels of college competition at all divisions.  Interestingly enough those levels are often NOT based entirely on skills but on factors such as size, strength and speed. 
The key to long-term success is long-term development. Misdiagnosis of an athlete’s current ability and more importantly how it is perceived by the college coaching industry can lead to wrong choices for individual placement at levels of play and in programs.
What are your academic goals; your finances, your geographic preferences, your preferred social environment 

Who and what are you going to become?

Scholastic goals should MUST come first!!!

As an athlete; logic dictates that a player will improve over the course of four years.  A realistic target projection would be for an athlete to a) make the team as a freshman and contribute; b) get decent playing time as a sophomore; c) start as a junior and d) be a major contributor, an impact player as a senior.

We want to avoid situations where players are cut or receive little or no playing time and limited opportunity for skill development.  We want to place players into situations where they fit into that program's projected time line.


We have placed over 60 players in college and professional baseball. We have been 100% successful.
What can we do for you?
This is what we do for you.


Instruction for appropriate improvement in skills, strength and conditioning, speed, overall athleticism

Baseball is a difficult game at which to succeed.  Mere fractions of improvement can have enormous impact on an athlete’s performance. A 5 - 10% improvement can have enormous impact on a player’s performance.
The ultimate goal of our program is actually to produce a professional level athlete in body and mind.


The Recruiting Process
Simultaneous to training, the process of school and athletic program SELECTION and MARKETING is ongoing.

GCGPGH both searches for and provides very specific and very individually appropriate information in order to find the best school and baseball program for the individual student athlete and his family.

This process includes:
One-on-one consultation with student athlete and family in order to educate on the realities of the recruiting process and proper goal setting for both academic and athletic success.

GCGPGH assembles a list of appropriate schools and advises/consults on potential choices for the athlete and his family.

Together with the family, that list of appropriate schools is narrowed and GCGPGH will begin to market the player through calls, visits and attendance at appropriate events.  
Marketing may involve production of an appropriate recruiting or skills video and outreach to the appropriate program and a player resume and profile.

Additional resources can include ACT and SAT test prep and tutoring.


There are no mass emails.  GCGPGH will engage "best efforts" to engage and facilitate DIRECT contact with schools which have been deemed appropriate for the individual athlete. 
GCGPGH will always seek to obtain as intimate a contact as possible with coaching and administrative staff in order to gain the most specifically best fit for an individual athlete.  Personal tryouts can be obtained at many schools. If a first-person contact is not available, appropriate showcases and workouts will be scheduled. We will always be aided whenever necessary under advisement and with collaboration from NCAA compliance.

Wherever and whenever appropriate GCGPGH can be engaged to accompany the athlete and his family on such a recruiting trip.



We offer individual, semi-private and even group lessons for all ages.



Our relationship with every client BEGINS with a discussion on a BUDGET for this pursuit.  Our goal is for our clients and their families to SUCCEED and realize their goals within a range that they can afford financially. 
Each "stage" in the process is billed as it proceeds and when it is affordable..  There is no "up front" fee.  Payments proceed according to the "stages" in the process: EVALUATION, TEACH/TRAIN, CONSULT, PLACEMENT and the client's ABILITY to pay. 
We are NOT a store or a school nor JUST  a service.  We are"partners" in the athlete and the family's success.

If we cannot help an athlete and his family be successful,
we do not want to be paid.


GC•GP•GH is unique because we are passionate in our commitment to serve the INDIVIDUAL student athlete in an affordable manner. 


We do not market through databases and social media. 
We are "hands on" and "one-on-one" with our clients.
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